BSC Covid-19 update - 20/07/2024

A few safety tips to ensure the safety of us, our families, you and your family.

I am being very strict on the 2 meter distancing.


When you drop the car off, either leave the key in the ignition or lock the car and place the key over the driver's wheel, if I'm not in the garage please put the key in the letterbox on the garage door (this box is sanitised after every use).


I will call in advance and ask you to leave the key over the driver's wheel for me. If I need to enter your car for any amount of time, I will first fit my gloves, face mask and face shield, take your key and clean it. I will then run our new

4cr ozone
4CR ozone sanitisation generator for a max of 30 minutes to completely kill any bacteria and viruses that may be present using UV rays and it will also completely clean out your air conditioning system at the same time.

I will wear a face mask and face shield when entering the car and then apply protective covers to the seat, floor, steering wheel, parking brake and gear lever before entering the car and all covers will be removed before hand over and your key will be disinfected and left over the driver's wheel in a small sanitised bag. There is a charge of €29 + vat for this extra service and it is mandatory for every car that is booked in that I have to sit into. (To put that into perspective, the 4CR sanitisation routine is usually €89 + vat it's own).

The preferable payment method at the moment is a card payment remotely which can be made before collection of the car over the phone or through an E Invoice. If you have to pay in cash, please be advised that I will be staying 2 meters away at ALL times, so the exact amount would be appreciated and can be left in the office in an envelope.

I appreciate your co-operation and understanding at this extraordinary time.

Thanks, Sean/Charlie

Many thanks,

Sean Byrne


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